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Explanation of terms 

Screening question collections combine several screening questions into one group. This enables you to add several screening questions to a job opening and thus also to the application form with one selection. In addition, this gives you the greatest possible flexibility when asking candidates questions. 

Example of a screening question collection "Trainee":

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Have you already completed an internship in xy field?
  • When will you graduate?
  • What is your last report card grade in math?


Screening question collections are created in the master data. You can create as many as you want.

Behavior in the system 

  • After creating the screening question collection, the individual screening questions that already exist must be assigned to a collection so that they can be selected with the collection. Read more here
  • It is possible to sort screening questions by drag & drop. The sorting of screening questions within the collection and how the applicant sees them is the same as the order in which the questions are arranged in the screening questions. 
  • Filtering by screening question collections, using them as placeholders, or evaluating them through reports is not possible with screening question collections.

This is how our customers use it 

Screening question collections make it possible for you to add specific questions directly when creating the job opening and to see which questions you want to ask. This enables you to keep the application form short and to complete it only with these questions. In this way, you retain the greatest possible flexibility and avoid accidentally including a question in the application form that is only relevant for a certain group of applicants.