Explanation of terms

Screening questions are questions about the assessment, evaluation, and processing of an application




Navigate / Open Pages Screening Questions. Click on + Screening Question to create a new one or click on an existing entry to edit this question.

After creating the screening question, responses can be maintained.


Behavior in the system

  • Any number of screening questions for different situations can be created and used in different places in the d.vinci BMS. For example, in the application form, in the job opening (these questions will then be added to the application form), as a  questionnaire (for forwarding)in a correspondence or to query specific data in statustransitions.
  • Screening question collections can help to add a set consisting of several screening questions right away in an RFP. 
  • The following question types are available for selection: 
    • Text (max. 255 characters)
    • Text (4-120 characters)
      This screening question type may not be used on Stepstone Quick Apply
    • Text (max. 4000 characters)
    • Text (max. 1200 characters)
    • 5-star rating
      Question can be rated 0-5 stars.
    • Yes/No
      Questions can be answered yes or no
    • Yes/No/No answer
      Question can be answered yes, no, or no specification
    • Answer list (single choice)
      Question where the selection of exactly one answer from a previously created answer list is possible.
    • Answer list (multiple choice)
      Question where a selection of multiple answers from a previously created answer listmöglich is possible.
  • Preselected can be selected at attachment to always add certain screening questions already to an RFP.
  • Screening questions can be evaluated in reports  if the setting Display in reports: Yes has been selected.
  • Visible in questionnaire means that these can be selected in the questionnaires in the form tab and thus displayed to the applicant. 
  • It is possible to include screening questions by Relevant for ranking: Yes in the ranking. 
  • Display help text: Yes displays a slightly grayed out text below the screening question, which you can define yourself.
  • Answers from applicants can be viewed in the Application in the Data  tab in the Screening Questions area. Here können can also be manually answers nachgepflegt.
  • Screening questions can be filtered.
  • Via our interface, which enables the import of applications from, for example, job boards (Apply API), it is also possible to retrieve screening questions from advertisements and include them in the application form on, for example, StepStone or similar. StepStone or the like and to transfer the answers to your d.vinci.
  • It may be useful to change the order of the screening questions created, as they will be presented to applicants in the order they appear in the Screening Questions section.
  • It is possible to link screening questions to different permissions. When creating such a question, simply select Restricted Access: Yes and then a permission that should allow to see the question. For example, these can only be seen and answered by the HR department.
    Read more here: How to hide a screening question for a role?
    Regardless of the permission with which the screening question is protected in the application, the answers can be viewed in reporting. Persons who do not have access to certain screening questions should also not have access to the reporting.

This is how our customers use it

Many customers use screening questions to be able to request information from the applicant according to their own wording. Especially when it comes to questions in the you form, this is a popular tool.