In the Job Publication, Page Title and Short Description can be set up for display in search engines, such as Google, Bing, Ecosia etc. When an applicant searches for a specific job via a search engine, it could be displayed with the content from the Page Title and Short Description.

Since the Google for Jobs service has been available, job offers are no longer displayed with title and description when searching via Google as they were a few years ago. The new presentation is done via an entry in the Google for Jobs section.

With other search engines such as Bing and Co. the representation takes place further classically.

Basically, it is very difficult to achieve a good search engine ranking for Job Advertisements. Among other things, since these are usually only temporarily available and receive few backlinks.

A recommendation in the area of Search Engine Optimization would therefore be to create different landing pages for the individual job profiles in your career section on your website. These would be permanently available and could also be placed more easily at the top of the search results through good (internal) linking. With our widget, which could be integrated on each of these pages, you could display the jobs advertised in the area directly on these landing pages. This would be possible, for example, using a fixed filter on the category.


If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization through Job Advertisements, please contact a specialized service provider. The field of Search Engine Optimization is a very broad one, which is subject to constant changes and does not lie in the core competence area of d.vinci.