Explanation of terms

Google for Jobs is a service that Google has integrated into its search page. This shows a job seeker on the search results page in the Google for Jobs area job ads matching his search term and location. 

The area on the search results page is marked with a blue bar and headed with: Jobs near xyz. By clicking the blue bar, the searcher is taken to a new page with more setting and search options.


Requirements by Google

Google is very interested in showing the searcher pages that are as high quality as possible and has been rewarding good websites with comprehensive content on a topic with good placements on the search results page for years. This is also the case with Google for Jobs. There are criteria that Google requires without which displaying job ads in Google for Jobs becomes less likely. Only when you have completed the settings in your d.vinci, a representation of your job ad in Google for Jobs becomes probable. Read through our checklist (see in the attachment below) to learn how you can configure your d.vinci for Google for Jobs.

Page title and short description in the publication

In the publication, it is possible to fill in the fields Page title and Short description. These are equivalent of a website´s page title and meta description, but for your job ad.

When filling something out here, do keep in mind that the description contains as many individual texts as possible and that there are no duplicates related to other job ads. Such duplicates are penalized by Google.

Thanks to Google for Jobs, what you write here will no longer appear in a Google search result as soon as you have activated Google for Jobs. However, we cannot say to what extend Google prioritizes your job ads if a short description is filled in. Unfortunately, Google likes hold its cards close to its chest in regards to this. Other search engines, such as Bing, do required a page title and short description. We also believe that job crawlers or job exchanges value this content.

In this case, you have to decide for yourself whether you want to take the route of filling in the fields in accordance with SEO, or whether you will neglect this. Always consult with your SEO experts, as they know better if this is important for your website (when having your own domain) and for your search results.

Behavior in the system

In the application portal, you can decide whether you want to report the jobs of the application portal to Google for Job.
When the function is activated, this is done automatically by d.vinci. Your d.vinci generates an XML file with all publications of the application portal, which is reported to Google every 4 hours.

Keep in mind when using Google for Jobs

We report the job ads to Google for Jobs via Sitemap.xml of your application portal every 4 hours.

However, we cannot guarantee that your jobs will always be displayed on Google for Jobs. Google reserves the right to decide which sources are probably most relevant for the potential applicant and whether they should be displayed.

We also cannot predict when and if reported changes will be applied. There may well be a delay of several days or weeks, or even no presentation at all.

We cannot influence this, as it is in Google's hands.

If you do not find your posts on Google at all, please check whether you have adjusted all the settings in the checklist. If one point is not fulfilled, Google may decide not to list your job ads.

When displaying your job ads, errors can occur because Google processes data inconsistently. For example, sometimes a paragraph is placed after the section "Your tasks" and towards "Your profile", sometimes these are placed directly after each other. Sometimes benefits are listed, sometimes not. In our code we always pass this the same way, nevertheless there are errors on Google's side. We are continuously working on optimizing the display.

Recognizing your job ads by d.vinci at Google for Jobs

Google usually displays several sources from which the job ad originates, so that job seekers can choose the job board or medium that suits them best.

This is characterized by one or more buttons: Apply on XYZ.

Job advertisements coming directly from your d.vinci can be recognized by Apply on D.vinci.

If you do not wish to see d.vinci mentioned here, you will need to set up your own domain.

This is how our customers use it

The majority of our customers has activated Google for Jobs, because when using Google, job ads no longer appear in the classic search results - they appear onlly on the search results page created by Google themselves.

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