Job Publication Templates are a kind of sample publications. These samples can contain complete Job Publications as well as single, recurring parts.

When creating the Job Publication, it is possible to transfer parts from the Job Publication Template and thus pre-fill the new Job Publication.

If you open the Job Publication Template page, you can create Job Publication Templates.

Once Job Publication Templates are created, you can select a Job Publication Template using the icon   on the right side in a new Job Publication that you are creating for the first time. Therefore, it is important to name the Job Publication Templates in the most meaningful/unique way possible.

It is possible to load several Job Publication Templates one after another into the Job Publication you are creating.


When loading multiple Job Publication Templates one after the other, you should make sure that they do not have content that overwrites others that you have previously loaded.

Template 1 contains only requirements and is loaded first.

Template 2 contains requirements and tasks and is loaded second.

Result: Only the contents of Template 2 will be visible in the Job Publication because the requirements from the second template have overwritten those from the first.