Explanation of terms

Job Publication Templates are a type of sample publication. They allow you to prepare both complete publications and individual parts, insert them when creating the publication and adapt them to the specific situation. This way you don't have to write/copy the same texts over and over again.

Separate from publication templates are job advertisement templates in which you define fixed texts for the job advertisement that you cannot edit when creating the publication.



See: Create publication templates.


Behavior in the system

  • Benefits
    You can use the various job publication templates to ensure that the same content always remains the same, formatting is correct and you save time.
  • Application tip
    Often only individual elements are filled in the publication template, which change little depending on the type of publication.
  • Alternative
    Alternatively, fixed texts can also be displayed in the job advertisement using the Job Advertisement Template. When creating the publication, however, this content cannot be changed and can only be viewed via the preview ( job advertisements). However, this is easily possible when using publication templates if the content has been transferred to the publication.
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  • Changes to the job publication template
    When using a jbb publication template, the text is only loaded into the job publication once, i.e. subsequent changes in the job publication template are not automatically synchronized in the job publications.
    The job publication template must be reloaded in the job publication in order to apply adjustments.
  • Select template
    • To the instructions: Choose publication template
      Once job publication templates have been created, you can select a job publication template via the   icon on the right-hand side when creating a new job publication. It is therefore important to name the job publication templates as clearly as possible.
    • Load multiple publication templatesIt is possible to load several publication templates one after the other into the job publication you are currently creating.
      If several job publication templates are loaded one after the other, you should make sure that they do not contain any content that overwrites other templates that you have previously loaded. Contents that have been overwritten cannot be restored. In this case, it is recommended to load the templates in reverse order.
      Template 1 only contains requirements and is loaded first
      Template 2 contains requirements and tasks and is loaded second.
      Result: Only the contents of template 2 are visible in the publication, as the requirements from the second template have overwritten those of the first template.
  • Rename template
    Publication templates can be renamed at any time. However, if several colleagues are working with it, make sure that they understand which publication template should be used for which case.
  • Delete templateThe templates can be deleted at any time without any dependencies on existing publications. Once you have selected a template, the content is transferred to the publication and it is irrelevant whether the template no longer exists afterwards.
  • Note on configuration

    First enter the basic information in the attachment and once you have clicked on save, you can fill in the content. 

How our customers use this

For clients with several branches/locations/independent companies, there are often job advertisements whose texts are specific to the branch, but which may still require small textual changes.
In such a case, it is advisable not to maintain job advertisement templates, as these cannot be adapted ad hoc when a publication is created. Instead, job publication templates are often used, which only have one element maintained (for example, the introductory sentence or the tasks) and whose contents are then loaded into the publication one after the other. This gives you complete control and consistency in the text of your job advertisements.