In connection with the messages in d.vinci, there are the mailboxes. In addition to the messages linked to the applications, these also enable free messages, e. g. messages that are detached from the applications, to be received.

These mailboxes can be used e. g. for manual import of applications into d.vinci. 

One application of the mailbox function can be that you scan application documents received by post and send the scanned documents to your created d.vinci mailbox. With the message and the application documents in the attachments you can then create a new application. Another possibility can be that you forward applications received via e-mail directly to your d.vinci. 

It is possible to create multiple mailboxes. You can assign these to specific user groups. This way, notifications will only be accessible to certain users.


  • If you want to see all messages of a mailbox regardless of the user group, click on the X behind the button With group permission: Yes.
  • We use two virus scanners (ClamAV and Sophos) that check every file sent to your system by e-mail (from applicants).
  • There is a default system mailbox in which bounces to the e-mails sent by the system end up. For example, an out-of-office message in response to a Daily Notification,