Here you can see an overview of all activities related to the application.

You can see the following cards with information here: 

  • Tasks
    Here you can see tasks due regarding the candidate.
  • Test Methods
    Here you can see results of tests if you have integrated online tests into your d.vinci and invited the candidate to take one.
  • Appointments
    Here you see all upcoming appointments of the candidate.
    You can delete the appointment via the icon   .


    Deleting missed appointments is important because reminders always go out to the participants for the next appointment. Otherwise your d.vinci will not know that an appointment is no longer taking place.

  • Recommendations/Feedbacks
    Here you can see whether your colleagues are interested in the candidate or not.
    You can make further recommendations via the icon   .
  • Events
    If the event module is activated, you can see here whether a candidate has been invited to an event and the status of his/her invitation.