Tasks are to-dos for you as well as a warning function - e.g. in conflicts. You can create tasks by task definition or receive some automatically, for example when you

- have been selected as recipients of a recommendation

- have been selected as the approver of a hiring request


Tasks are important for all users participating in the recruitment process, especially from the human resources and line management. Tasks draw your attention to various events that are related to your recruiting process in your d.vinci and that still need to be processed. A red number plate behind the word Tasks shows you how many tasks you currently have. 

Tasks can be:

  • To-dos created by task definition such as "Please invite" or "Please reject"
  • The "Time Exceeded by Line Management"
  • Follow-ups
  • Approve hiring requests
  • Conflicts

You can display the tasks as a list using the icon   or as tiles using the icon  

You can use the field schema configuration    to define which information should be displayed in the map view. There are 6 fields available. Here you can choose from: 

You can filter the tasks by Task Definition and by With User Group Permission. The filter With User Group Permission: Yes is always activated by default.