Have you received an unsolicited application and do not yet know exactly which department the applicant could fit into, or do you have a candidate who would fit the position of your colleague perfectly? This is where the recommendation function of d.vinci comes in.

Recommendations give the recipient temporary access to an application. The recipient of the recommendation can provide positive or negative feedback on the recommendation.
As soon as the recommendation is answered negatively by the recipient, the latter no longer sees the application. The same applies if the recommendation has been (prematurely) terminated.

As soon as the recommendation has been positively answered by the recipient, the right to view this candidate remains (unless - the recommendation is terminated). You can then switch your application to a job opening, which will be supervised by the line management that has issued the positive recommendation. There it will then go through the process as normal. 

You can make a recommendation by clicking on the icon   and then on   Send Recommendations. A given recommendation does not enable the recipient - to change status. 


The selection list of possible recipients of a recommendation depends on the organizational unit on which you created the job opening to which the application is assigned.


The job opening is on the root organisational unit Global, but the colleague I would like to recommend it to is on the underlying organisational unit Hamburg.

He can't be selected as recipient.