Explanation of term

Have you received an unsolicited application and don't yet know exactly which department the applicant could fit into or do you have a candidate who would be a great fit for your colleague's position? The recommendation function of d.vinci is ideal for this.


You can make a recommendation by clicking on the   icon in the application and then on  recommendation drückt.


Behavior in the system

  • Usage
    Recommendations give the recipient temporary viewing authorization for an application. This allows another user, who would otherwise not have access to the application, to check whether the person is eligible for a job.
  • Permissions
    The following permissions are required:
    • Sender: make / stop recommendations
    • Recipient: Receive / reply to recommendations
  • Replying to the recommendation and its effect
    The recipient of the recommendation can submit a positive or negative response to this recommendation.
    • As soon as the recommendation is answered negatively by the recipient, they will no longer see the application. The same applies in the event that the recommendation is terminated (prematurely).
    • Once the recommendation has been answered positively by the recipient , the viewing authorization for this candidate remains in place (unless the recommendation is terminated). You can then switch the application to a job opening that is managed by the positive evaluating department. There it will then go through the process as normal.
  • Status change
    A recommendation made does not allow the recipient to change status. Only when the application is moved to a position for which the recipient is responsible can the normal functionalities be used.
  • Possible recipients
    The selection list of possible recipients of a recommendation is based on the organizational unit on which you have created the job opening to which the application is assigned.
    Example: The job opening is on the root organizational unit Global, but the colleague I want to recommend it to is on the underlying organizational unit Hamburg. He cannot be selected as a recipient.
  • Differentiation from giving feedback
    If you are working with several people on a job opening, we recommend using the function Give feedback.
  • Status of the recommendations
    The status can be viewed in the Activities tab in the application for an application.
    Alternatively, you can call up the Applications menu item and click on the Recommendations tab. All recommendations made so far are listed here;
    •  Question mark: Pending response to the recommendation
    •  Thumbs down: Not interested
    •  Thumbs up: Interested

How our customers use this

A talent is out of the question for your vacancy, but could be just right for colleagues? This is the moment to use our Recommendation function. It gives colleagues the opportunity to review the application. If it is of interest, a consent for extended use can be requested and the application moved to the other job openings .