In the case of collective job openings, such as an unsolicited job opening to which several users have access, it is advisable to use the Give feedback function. This allows you to obtain feedback from several users at the same time.

To do this, the permission Feedback | give must be added to a role. Behind the icon   the button   Give Feedback appears.

The result of the feedback can be viewed in the application in the Activities tab of the Recommendations/Feedbacks card. The comment can also be read in the application history


The responsible user for the job opening will not be informed about the feedback. You must therefore look proactively to see if there is any feedback in an applicant. Ideally, you should create a small workflow with automatic status changes. 

The right to view the application will remain in force until it is moved to a job opening or status that cannot be viewed by the user. Even in case of a negative reply. This distinguishes this function from Send Recommendation.