Job ads can be submitted to job boards such as StepStone. This can be done via interface or send job advertisement.

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From texting, about spelling and General Act on Equal Treatment check to job board consulting or contingent management. We'll assist you with ad placement. 

Jobboards can retrieve data from the interface in two different ways. You should communicate to the job board how you want the data retrieved when you set up the interface. 

Both options offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Retrieval via the ID of the publication 

Each job publication automatically receives an ID from the system. When the publication is activated, the ID is passed to the interface. This reads the job board and posts the job ad.


If a job ad is to appear again, a new job publication must be created for it, as only new IDs are placed. This new publication generates a new ID which is the starting signal for the publication on the job board.

Retrieval through the list of job publications in the application portal

Hereby, the job board will, at a frequency agreed with you, checks which jobs are included in the interface and post them. 


Yourselves must be careful not to leave the job ads on An at the publication channel for longer than the placement period agreed with the job board (for example 60 days). If the publication is even one day longer in your d.vinci on AN, a new runtime will be generated. This will then be charged to you in full by the job board, even though the job may have only been online for 61 days.


The calendar sheet  next to the publishing channel in the publication, can help track this. Also, you can create resubmissions for the announcement

This variant requires appropriately strict control by you and your colleagues.

You decide which way you want to go and should actively communicate this to the job board.