When creating or editing already created e-mail signatures, they can be designed in a central place for all users.

Depending on the configuration of your system, you will find the e-mail signatures in the correspondence templates or the format templates. Attention: We always recommend to create the signature in the format template, because then it can be changed at a central place and you don't have to open each correspondence template individually and make changes manually.

Changing the Template Layouts

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the Template Layout you want to change. 
  2. Press one of the edit icons to edit the information. An input form will be displayed. 
  3. Change the content in the Template field as you want it to look.
    The placeholder {CORRESPONDENCE_TEMPLATE:CONTENT} must always be entered above everything.
    This represents the content of the correspondence template.
  4. Press Update to save the entries. 

Hints for editing the content incl. tips

Use placeholders

  • You can use the [T] button in the editor to insert placeholders. This way, the correct content is always inserted, depending on the tender or company to which the signature applies.
  • The placeholder {CORRESPONDENCE_TEMPLATE:CONTENT} must also always be entered in the content.
  • This placeholder represents the text of the correspondence template. 
  • Often the placeholders for the responsible user of the alert, the registered user or the alert are used for signatures.
  • It is also possible to enter the placeholder for the salutation in the template.
    However, you have more flexibility if you store the form of address in the correspondence template, since you can control there whether you want to use the form of address. If you enter this in the format template, you decide for all documents of your company.
  • es company. 
  • Mostly the imprint/footer of a signature can be found in the Master data on the Company page in the Description, if you have clicked on a company. Here are often CEO listed and can be changed. 
Frequently used placeholders

For all following placeholders in the user is listed in the job opening as responsible user.

  • Responsible user of the job opening- first name.
    Configuration: First name is filled in the user.

  • Responsible user of the job opening - last name.
    Configuration: Last name is filled in the user.

  • Responsible user of the job opening- position.
    Configuration: Position is filled in the user.

  • Responsible user of the job opening - phone.
    Configuration: Phone is filled in the user.

  • Responsible user of the job opening - company.
    Configuration: in the master data is the name of the company filled.

  • Responsible user of the job opening - company: Address (without country)
    Configuration: In the master data are country and address of company filled..

  • Responsible user of the job opening - company description 1-4.
    Configuration: In the Master data is the Description of Company filled.

Insert images

Images, such as logos, can be inserted into the signature via General image. 

It is often advisable to store the image not directly in the style sheet, but in the company description (via the General image) and then to enter the information, for example, via the Placeholder Responsible user of Job Opening - Company Description 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the style sheet.

Please do not upload an image via the editor, but only via the link that you have generated by attaching the general image. The picture needs then in any case already the size, as it should be later in the signature.

Subsequent downsizing does not work! If you do it differently, the images are usually displayed huge.

Font color, font size or font type

Entire style sheet

When creating or editing the style sheet, you can specify the font color and font size for the entire Template Layout in the Appearance area.

Individual sections

To customize individual sections regarding font colors, font sizes or fonts in the style sheet, the Format button of the editor can be used or for more specific requests, HTML code must be added in the source code mode of the editor

More about code usage here: Change font size + font color


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<p>Mit freundlichen Gr&uuml;&szlig;en</p>




<hr />


<p style=" font-size: 10px;">Der Inhalt dieser E-Mail ist vertraulich und ausschlie&szlig;lich f&uuml;r den bezeichneten Adressaten bestimmt. Wenn Sie nicht der vorgesehene Adressat dieser E-Mail oder dessen Vertreter sein sollten, so beachten Sie bitte, dass jede Form der Kenntnisnahme, Ver&ouml;ffentlichung, Vervielf&auml;ltigung oder Weitergabe des Inhalts dieser E-Mail unzul&auml;ssig ist. Wir bitten Sie, sich in diesem Fall mit dem Absender der E-Mail in Verbindung zu setzen.</p>

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