Companies can be selected as filters in the Job Opening, in the user and in the widget. Applicants can reduce the list of Job Advertisements with this filter.
You can filter your Job Openings by Company and see at a glance how many Job Openings you have in that company.
Companies can also be used as placeholders and mapped to email footers, for example, using the description fields.

Companies are maintained in the Master Data. You can create as many as you like.


When Companies are created, they are sorted alphabetically. No other sorting is possible.

The Company field is a required field in the Job Opening once a Company has been created in your Master Data. It cannot be hidden.

The field schema configuration in the Hiring Request allows you to show and hide the Company field, as well as define it as a required field.

The Company can be used as a placeholder in Job Advertisement Templates, Template Layouts and Correspondence Templates.


  • Logged in User - Company Name
  • Responsible User Company Name
  • Job Opening - Company Name

Filtering by Company is possible in the application search as well as the application and job opening overview.

An evaluation of the Companies can take place via the Excel raw data report. Company is included as a filter in other reports. It is also possible to create individual reports with the filter Company.