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Calendar integration is a feature for connecting external calendars with d.vinci. I.e., you can connect third-party calendars with d.vinci in order to send appointments scheduled in d.vinci to your calendar, or to have your availabilities read from your calendar in order to offer appointments in d.vinci.



The calendar integration offers some advantages. For d.vinci users and in the Plus version also for applicants:

  • You can view your personal company calendar from within d.vinci to check your availabilities when creating appointments. You can receive appointments from d.vinci in your calendar or forward them to your colleagues. 
  • You can access the calendars of other users to check their appointment availability. The same goes the other way around. This makes scheduling appointments with coworkers much easier and saves you from having to send emails back and forth to find a free appointment for everyone - especially if there are more than two participants.
  • The Plus allows your applicants to choose their own dates. For this purpose, provide the applicants with a list of appointments on which all participants have time. The list is automatically generated by the system and takes into account the availability of all participants, including selected rooms. This ensures that all participants have time and a room is available. You also save the applicant the embarrassment of having to decline proposed appointments.


For the calendar integration d.vinci works with the partner Cronofy, a UK based tech company that specializes on calender integration of software systems. For this, Cronofy offers the Unified Calendar API, that enables software systems to connect to the five major calendar services:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange

The advantage of this API is that we only need to maintain one API to communicate with all the services mentioned. This keeps the system efficient and error resistant.


The calendar integration comes in two versions:


The Basic version is free of cost and activated by default in every system.

  • Users can connect their calendars individually
  • Userse are notified if the connection fails
  • When inviting to and rescheduling appointments, the availability of the participants is checked
  • Appointment invitations are made via the calendar of the appointment organizer
  • The participant statuses can be seen


The Plus version is a paid upgrade.

  • Offers all the features of the Basic version
  • Organization-wide, centrally controlled connection and monitoring of calendar connections 
  • Users can store availabilities and thus determine in which frame an appointment booking is possible
  • Applicants can book appointments independently and select from available appointments for this purpose
  • Rooms can be created in d.vinci and selected during appointment creation
  • d.vinci supports you in setting up the calendar integration in your organization

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