Explanation of terms

Application statuses can be given the Final Status characteristics. The final status marks the end of the recruiting process. That is also important for the reports.


The characteristics Final Status is given when an application status is created or edited by selecting Final Status: Yes

Behavior in the system

  • When the system is delivered, we mark the following statuses as final: Self Rejection, Rejection, Pool Candidate, Employed.
  • If Final Status: Yes is selected, the application status in the list is given the Final Status badge. In this way, you can see directly in the overview which statuses are defined as final.
  • Job openings just can be archived if all applications have a final status.
  • Applications in a archived job opening can only be changed within final status. Alternatively, the job opening would have to be reopened.
  • In reports, the final status is important to show the process times (from receipt of application to final status). 
  • Final statuses do not appear in the average idle time chart on the home page.

How our customers use this

Many customers mainly use our final statuses that were already created when the system was delivered. However, some have also declared other statuses as final. Often these are, for example, extra statuses for the talent pool, which may only be seen by people with special authorizations. 

In addition, a report is often created out via theexcel raw data report Process times.