Histories are chronological documentations of actions and events in the system.

By means of histories, courses of actions, message traffic and process progress can be traced. 

Histories can be found in different areas of all d.vinci software products. History entries contain data like:

  • Date and time of the action or event
  • Trigger of the action or event, e. g.:
    • User
    • d.vinci Customer Service (is also a user)
    • System (applicant)
    • System (the software itself)
    • API-User (for downstream systems)
  • Action performed
  • Additional information such as messages and comments.

d.vinci Applicant Tracking System

In the d.vinci applicant tracking system you will find histories in the following areas:

d.vinci Onboarding

In the d.vinci Onboarding, histories can be found in the following areas:

  • Onboarding process of the new employee