The application shows you all information about the applicant and the current status of his or her application process in one place. This is why we sometimes speak of an applicant file. 

You have the following options in the application: 

In the page header, you can switch to the split screen and switch between several applications in an application list. 

In the application card, you can see the application status, title, first name, last name, picture, a conflict symbol (if applicable), a plaque for special characteristics, the job opening on which the candidate applied, and when and through which medium the candidate applied.

At the top right you can Change the Application Status, Set a Rating, Comment and select further editing options by pressing the gear symbol. For example: Give feedback, Send Recommendation, Send Info, Change Job Opening, Create Another Application, Reminder and Delete. Other symbols could also be displayed here if you have linked your d.vinci to other tools, such as a tool for creating contracts or similar. 

Data on Applications can be evaluated via the oData Reporting API.

There are several tab pages in the application: 

  • Tab Data
    Here you can see general data about the applicant and the position he/she has applied for.
  • Tab Attachments
    Here you can see the attachments to the candidate's application.
  • Tab Activities
    Here you can see an overview of all activities related to the applicant such as interviews, feedback and the like.
  • Tab History
    Here you can follow the recruiting process of the applicant.