Together with the layout, job advertisement templates form the graphic framework for the job advertisement.

Service Job advertisement layout and job list

You want to change the design of your job ads? Job ad, job list, application form and/or thank you page need a revision?

Required rights  

  • Application portals | view/ edit/ create /delete

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the page Job Advertisement Templates.
  2. Click on the button  Job Advertisement Template. The page with the same name is displayed. 
  3. Fill in the input form.
    Elements of the input form:
    Mandatory fields are marked with*. Optional fields without marking.
    • Display Name*: If possible, one that indicates the purpose of the job advertisement template. For instance: "Internal job advertisement"
    • Organizational Unit* 
    • Type*
    • Layout: Without selection, the layout of the application portal is applied.

    • Selectable in job publications*: No: The job advertisement template of the application portal is used in the publication.

  4. Click on the button  Create to save the entry. The job advertisement template page with the details of the template is displayed.

  5. Add further information to the job advertisement template depending on the selected type.