Explanation of the term

Your d.vinci layout is the cornerstone of your company's image as an attractive employer. It ensures that parts of your d.vinci system visible externally go hand in hand with your website in the best possible way. You can have several layouts in d.vinci and adapt them to various application portals or job advertisement templates .  


On page Layouts (Overview), existing layouts can be viewed and new ones created. 


Behavior in the system

  • Together with the job advertisement template, the layout forms the graphic framework for the job advertisement.
    Your layout defines colours, the font, etc.
    The job advertisement template defines the arrangement of text blocks such as "Tasks", "Profile", "We offer", or "Contact".
  • In the layout, the logo, favicon, header and footer, font size, font type, font colour, spacing, link colours and much more can be customized. These settings also affect the following: application portal (if you display it), widget, job advertisement, application form, and questionnaire.
  • In the job advertisement template or in the application portal, you can determine which of your layouts should provide the creative framework for your job advertisement.
  • If  you select a layout in the application portal, it will be active only if the job advertisement template does not have its own layout. If a layout is selected directly in the job advertisement template, the job advertisement will be always displayed according to these layout settings.
  • In most cases, you will be provided with a initial layout once you have started your d.vinci. You can get additional layouts by quote.
  • The use of multiple layouts comes in handy, for example, if you and subsidiary companies use a d.vinci system. This way you can implement a different colour scheme, logo, fonts and the like for each company.
  • Once you have opened a layout, you can copy it . Read more here.
  • Additional and new layouts can be ordered from us.

You want an additional, new or redesigned Layout?

You will receive an initial layout from us. We will be happy to create further layouts for subsidiaries, other parts of the company or other circumstances. Write to us with your ideas and we will be happy to send you an offer.

For advice in this area, please also take a look here: Personnel marketing: ReDesign job advertisement layout and job list

This is how our customers use it

Many clients use multiple layouts in order to be able to use different colour schemes, logos, fonts etc. in their job advertisements. These are then associated with different job advertisement templates and thus ensure an individual appearance for each company with which you use d.vinci.