In your d.vinci system, email dispatch can be delayed or scheduled for a later time.
You can use this to send emails, e.g. cancellations only at a certain point in time in the future, a period x. In the applicant's history, you can view these scheduled e-mails and see how they would be formatted. Here you can also cancel the dispatch, if it has not yet taken place.

Required Rights

  • Reply to messages + send info (only when sending correspondence using the Send info function


The delay option only appears if a correspondence template is linked to the   change status or   Send info.

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the applicant.
  2. Switch to the status that is linked to a correspondence template or select a correspondence template under   Send Info.
  3. Click the Send Email field and select a date from the calendar  
  4. Save the entries. The Application page with the applicant's details is displayed.
    Press the History and E-Mail Preview tab page. The email Preview window is displayed in the foreground.
  5. Select Cancel Scheduled Email or Close, depending on whether you are satisfied with the appearance and content of the correspondence.