The application statuses allow you to see at a glance which status an applicant has in the personnel selection process. Accordingly, you should have a status for each workflow step to which you can set the application or have it change automatically.

 Service   Recruiting Support

We take over individual tasks in your recruiting process. For example pre-selection of applications, preliminary inquiry of qualifications, appointment organization.


Required rights 

  • Application edit

Change application status via the status change button

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the application whose status you want to change. The Application page with the candidate's details is displayed. 
  2. Click on the button  Change status. A selection menu is displayed. 
  3. Select the status to which you want the application to transition
  4. Fill in the respective input form.
    Mandatory fields are marked with *, optional fields are not marked.
  5. Click on Execute status change to save the entries. The Application page with the candidate's details is displayed. The icon next to the candidate's picture is now that of the new status.

Change application status via shortcuts

When creating status transitions, you can specify which shortcuts are to be available for target statuses of the current status. All statuses that you also find in the status change list can be used as shortcuts.

Shortcuts appear as icon buttons next to the button  Change status.
Click on a shortcut to switch directly to the corresponding status.

Change application status through the collection basket

You will see the  icon on many pages. You can drag applications into it to perform mass processing or mass modification.

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Click on the icon and drag the applications. A menu opens showing you the applications in the collection basket and the button  Change status.
  2. Click on the x to delete applications from the basket.
    Click on   Change status. A drop-down menu appears. 
  3. Select the desired status here. The Change Application Statuspage is displayed with the following functionalities: 
    • Correspondence template
    • Questionnaire
    • Comment
      We recommend to avoid mentioning personal data according to GDPR in comments, as comments sent by email cannot be captured by the deletion routine of the d.vinci system.
  4. Click on Change Status. The previous page is displayed with a note on changing the application status.


If a status change is not possible because it has not been created as a status transition, an error message appears for the respective application. The application must then be removed from the collection basket or the status transition must be created accordingly.

Automatic status change

Automated status changes automatically change the status of the applicant from one to another after an event in the system determined by you. You do not have to take manual action here.