Explanation of Terms

Automated status changes help you to automate your workflow

You specify the initial status and the event (trigger) at which an applicant's status is to change to another application status.
This is useful for marking long process times in particular or for advancing the process as soon as triggers occur.


The menu will take you to the Automated status change page. Here you can create a new one with + Automated status change. Read more about it here: Create automated status change

Behaviour in the System

  • An update of the application status takes place every 30 minutes. At ..:15 and ..:45.

    Example: A questionnaire was filled in 07:01 and triggers an automated status change which becomes active/visible for all users at 7:15.

  • There are several triggers for automated status changes that you can choose from
  • f the Automated Status Change has been created, you can insert a correspondence template which is automatically sent to the applicant by e-mail in the area automated e-mail sending.
    If you want to mention a contact person, placeholders of the Responsible User of Job Opening (e.g. title and surname) must be entered. 
  • Data from placeholders of the logged in user cannot be displayed here, because technically no user triggers the sending, but the system.
  • With the automated status change, correspondence can also be sent automatically.
  • An automated status change only includes the change from one status to another. The functionality, for example, to send a questionnaire, to have to select reasons for rejection, to add screen egg questions or the like is omitted.
  • It is not possible to create an automated status change for only one organizational unit. This status change then applies to all organizational units in your system. 
  • Make sure that a status transition from the next status to another status is created in your workflow. Otherwise, you may end up moving the applicant to a status in which the agents cannot move him or her to another status.

That is how our customers use this

Almost all customers use an Automated Status change with linked task definition to be alerted when the department fails to process applications for too long.

Customers who use the calendar integration in the Plus version have created an automated status change to be notified when an applicant fails to book an appointment. Read more here: Get started with: Calendar Integration Plus