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Explanation of terms

Occupational groups can be selected in the Hiring Requests and make a contractual/tariff classification possible.  

Examples of occupational groups are: construction, adult education, office jobs, Health & Care jobs, hotel and restaurant jobs.


Occupational groups are maintained in the master data. You can create any number of occupational groups in the master data.

Behavior in the system

  • Occupational groups are selected in the personnel requisition. Only one value can be listed.
  • The field schema configuration in the personnel requisition can be used to show or hide the occupational group field and to define it as a mandatory field.
  • The occupational group can be used as a placeholder (requisition - occupational group) in job publication templates and correspondence templates.
  • In the application list as well as the application and advertisement overview, there is no filter that searches for the occupational group.
  • It is possible to evaluate the occupational groups by exporting the Hiring requests.
  • The data is not transferred to the Job opening after a personnel request is completed.

How do our customers use this

Occupational groups are only used by customers who use Hiring requests. They are often aids for classification into a pay scale group.

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