If you use job descriptions in your company that are stored with a position number, positions can be listed in Hiring Requests as well as in Job Openings.

In Hiring Requests

You can use the field schema configuration to show the Permanent Posts field when creating a Hiring Request. Then this can be filled with a free text.


Position numbers from the Hiring Request are not transferred to the RFP.

In Job Openings


Required Permission

  • Permanent Posts (of Job Openings) | view / create / delete

Preliminary work

  • The user who is to enter the position in the advertisement requires the right in his role
    Create Permanent Posts from job openings
  • An application status where you select Choose Permanent Post: Yes.
    This is usually the case with the application status "Employed".

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the Job Opening for which you want to enter a position. 
  2. Click on the tab Permanent Posts. The Job Opening page with the opened tab is displayed. 
  3. Press the button + Permanent Post. The input form of the same name is displayed. 
  4. Fill in the form.
    • Permanent Post Number
    • Planned Employment Start
  5. Press Create to save the entries. The Job Opening page with the open Permanent Posts tab is displayed.


Any number of positions can be stored in a job opening.

Conversion when changing status

If you then change the application status of an application to Choose Permanent Post: Yes in the configuration, you must select the position number of the advertisement.

An entry will then appear in the application overview.

For example: