When creating a Job Advertisement Template, you have the option to define the type. The Liquid Design is intended to unify the presentation of Job Advertisements (similar to Real Estate Search). Accordingly, only certain HTML tags and contents of a Job Advertisement are taken over and put in a certain order.
You can also find an interesting article that looks at this in more detail on our blog.

The fields of our Liquid Design are designed to follow the recommendations of common job portals in order to get the best possible mapping at job portals (e. g. Google for Jobs and Stepstone).

If the Additional Information tile is filled, the ratio of content to each other is 2/3 to 1/3.

2/3 of the Job Advertisement is filled by the Introduction, Tasks etc. and 1/3 by the Additional Information.


Above a Job Advertisement in Liquid Design, three icons with three placeholders are displayed by default.

  •   {JOB_OPENING:LOCATION} = Job Location
  •   {JOB_OPENING:CONTRACT_PERIOD} = Contract Period (Fixed-Term, Permanent)
  •   {JOB_OPENING:WORKING_TIME} = Working Times (Full-time, Part-time)

These can be hidden when displayed on other Application Portals, but are displayed again on Stepstone, for example.



Additional images, video, etc. inserted by you may not be read by other job portals.
Therefore, please only work with the placeholders and use them in the cards in which they are intended.

The following placeholders can be displayed in the respective cards:

  • Introduction (Liquid Design)

  • Tasks (Liquid Design)
    Your tasks

  • Profile (Liquid Design)
    Your profile

  • We offer (Liquid Design)
    We offer