A conflict always arises when a person applies more than once. 

The applications then receive an  icon. This is intended to alert you to check the applicant manually and thus to check whether an applicant has applied twice by mistake if necessary, whether he or she has already applied in the past or whether it is a new applicant with the same name but different personal data.

Multiple applications cannot be prevented. Perhaps the candidate will be suitable for another position at a later date. The risk would be too great that you would lose interesting applicants. However, you will be notified of a multiple application by the conflict symbol.

If you click on the  conflict icon you can resolve the conflict.

You will have the opportunity to compare the following data of the applicant, if they were provided:


A distinction is made between a person and an application. A person can have several applications in d.vinci. However, an application is always assigned to only one person. Therefore, the first name and last name are used for matching during the conflict check. If you merge the applications - the application data will remain - but the person data will be updated if necessary.