An approval process can be started for a hiring request. This ensures that a hiring request is not converted into a job opening without approval. You can choose who should be the approver when starting the approval process.


All users who have the Approval Processes (of Hiring Requests) | approve right in a role can be selected as recipients.
If someone from the HR department is to be informed after the approval process has been completed, you can list them as the last approver in the approval process. He then knows that he can convert the PANF into a job opening. This is not necessary if the person is named as the contact person of the HR department in the hiring request. The person will receive an info after the approval process is completed anyway.

The approver will receive an email according to the following scheme: 

Dear Ms./Mr. xzy,

the hiring request "Job description xyz" requieres your approval.

Hiring request:

Job description xyz as a link to the hiring request in your d.vinci


User xyz

Triggered by:

User xyz, der den Genehmigungsprozess gestartet hat. 

Please note:

This is an automated email. Contact your HR department if you have any questions.

The link in the e-mail allows the user to call up the hiring request directly and approve or reject it. For both, a comment is mandatory, so that no wrong clicks are possible and it is possible to understand whether the approver really intended to approve or reject. 

In the hiring request overview, it is possible to filter by the value Approval Process Status and Approver. This allows you to see at a glance which hiring requests are approved, rejected or without approval status and who should approve the PANF.


The approver receives a task in his d.vinci. Accordingly, this also appears in the user's daily notification if he has activated it.