When Quick Apply from StepStone (previously called ATSi) is activated, an applicant form from StepStone is displayed and the application is subsequently imported into your d.vinci. All other questions from your d.vinci-application form (including screening questions) will be displayed at StepStone.
Here the applicant can view the privacy policy, fill out the screening questions from the applicant form in your d.vinci and thus submit the application to your system übermitteln. In this way, the quick application üvia StepStone becomes even easier.
The standard StepStone questionnaire, which asks for name and e-mail address, for example, can be supplemented with additional fields from your application form.

Some settings have to be made for this.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Application portals
  2. Click on the entry that transfers your job ads to Stepstone. Mostly it is called "StepStone":
    Alternativly create a new publication channel and application portal"Stepstone", which you link.
    • Make sure that the application import in the existing or new application portal "Stepstone" is set to StepStone (Quick Apply)
    • Also make sure that you have a source "Stepstone" in the system and that the internal name there is "STEPSTONE_DE".
  3. Once you have completed the two changes, let your contact person at Stepstone know.
    Stepstone has to activate the Quick Apply. 


You already had ATSi enabled?

We have changed the application import to Stepstone (Quick Apply)

However, you do not automatically use the new solution. The current standard form from StepStone will continue to be used. Please ask StepStone for a change. 

To avoid wording confusion:

StepStone considers all content that is transferred to StepStone via d.vinci as screening questions.


The following fields from the application questionnaire are not taken over by StepStone as they are not technically compatible: 
  • Parental consent for applicants under 16 years of age
  • Address
  • E-mail address of HR service provider
  • Skype name
  • Profile URL
  • How did you find out about us? (The source will be set to "StepStone" by default)
  • Consent for extended use
  • Screening questions with the type (4-120 characters)