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Explanation of the term 

Sources can be selected by the applicant in the application questionnaire by asking: How did you find out about us? This selection enables an evaluation of the medium through which the vacancy caught the applicant's attention.


  • Sources are maintained in the master data. You can create as many sources as you like.
  • The following sources are included in the system when your d.vinci is delivered: 
    • Family/friends/acquaintances
    • Homepage
    • Trade fair visit
    • Employee recommendation
    • Other
    • Stepstone

Behavior in the system 

  • Sources in the application
    Sources can be subsequently changed, inserted or deleted in a candidate's application.
  • Filtering
    Filtering by source is possible in the application search as well as the application overview.
  • Fixed source in the application portal
    When creating an application portal a fixed source can be selected.
  • Fixing the source of the application portal
    The fixing of the source in the portal URL can prevent applicants from choosing the source that they think will give them the best chances
  • Analytics
    The source of the applications for this job opening can be viewed in the tab Analytics of the job openings. 
  • Reporting
    • An evaluation of the source is possible via the Excel raw data report Number of applications received is possible. 
    • A graphical evaluation is possible via the report Application Ratio (Source)  
  • Sorting
    When the sources are created, they are sorted alphabetically. No other sorting is possible.
  • Deletion
    The deletion of sources is only possible if they are not stored as a fixed source in any application portal.
  • Deletion and Reporting
    If a source is deleted from the master data, it remains in the applicant and in the report.

How our customers use it 

Some customers have stored fixed sources in application portals for, for example, Stepstone, XING, Youfirm, their intranet, and so on. This saves applicants from having to select the source. As sources, usually all media are maintained, through which the attention of an applicant can be aroused and it then comes to an application.

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