In order to use Feedback with kununu, collect feedback on the application process from a candidate and transfer this to kununu, the function must first be set up.

You can find more help and frequently asked questions about feedback with kununu in our Feedback with kununu: FAQ.

Proceed as follows:

1. Create a Feedback Questionnaire

Create a Feedback Questionnaire.

Choose the type: kununu Feedback Questionnaire.

2.Create a Correspondence Template

Create a correspondence template.

Select the feedback questionnaire you created in step 1 as Questionnaire.

Insert the placeholder Questionnaire - URL or {QUESTIONNAIRE:URL} in the content.

3. Create/check Master Data

  • Create a location or check the existing data.
    For locations, check whether the address data (street, house number, postal code and city) has been maintained. These are required for the transfer/assignment to your profile at kununu.
  • Create a company or check the existing data.
    For the companies, check if the name is maintained correctly. The name used for communication to external parties should be used. This is the basis for the assignment to your kununu profile. Please also maintain the location of the company, as this may also be required by kununu.


Since assignment locations are maintained very differently, a technical fallback is stored that uses the address data of the company posting the job as soon as no address data is stored in the assignment location. So you can decide whether to maintain one or the other or, to be on the safe side, both.

4. Activate Partner Integration

In order to not only receive feedback in your d.vinci, but also to transfer the feedback to kununu, the interface must be activated.

Necessary rights:

  • Configure basic settings

Proceed as followed: 

  1. Open the page Basic Settings. 
  2. Press the Partner Integration tab. 
  3. Press one of the  icons to edit the data. 
  4. In the Feedback with kununu section press Active to activate the interface with kununu.
  5. Select the Industry which is also used in your kununu profile. 
  6. Press  Update to save the entries.

You have completed the setup. Applicants can now be asked to provide feedback via correspondence and the feedback will be submitted to kununu.

Read more about this in our Feedback with kununu: FAQ in the General section at "How can applicants be prompted to provide feedback?"