Locations can be selected as assignment locations in the advertisement and as the desired assignment location in the applicant form. They can be used as placeholders in the job ad template and correspondence template. They can serve as filters in the widget.

Necessary rights

  • Create mater data

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Master data
  2. Press Locations. The page with the same name is displayed. 
  3. Press the button + Location. An input form is displayed.
  4. Fill in the input form.
    The name is not visible to the outside. Internal names for a location, combinations with address data or similar should be entered here.
    Organizational Unit*
    Job Location*
    Desired Job Location*
    Appointment Location*
    Important if the job list is to be displayed via Google Maps.
    Important if the job list is to be displayed by Google Maps.
    Additional information
    This free text field can be used to provide job boards and other systems that access the data in the site with further information about the d.vinci Job Publication API.
    External name
    The name should be chosen as you want applicants to read the location in correspondences or in the job posting.
  5. Press Create to save the entries. The Locations page with an overview of all created locations is displayed
    Press Create and Create Another. The Create location input form is displayed. 


For Google for Jobs, it is necessary to enter the street, house number, postal code and city.  When integrating a Google Maps map view, the latitude and longitude must also be maintained.

For job postings in Liquid Design on Stepstone, the job location is displayed under the title.


In our authorization system, users always act only down or on the same level, so that no one can exceed their authority. Elements that are created in the system, however, inherit the other way around. If a correspondence template should be selectable in every organizational unit, it must be created globally. It is exactly the same with locations. 

If a location is to be available everywhere, then it must be created at the top/global level.