Explanation of terms

Feedback with kununu offers you the possibility to receive feedback to your recruiting process by applicants after the completion of an application process. Applicants fill out a questionnaire of the type kununu questionnaire. The answers can be transferred to kununu and become visible in your kununu company profile. In addition, you can view the feedback in your d.vinci reporting.

That's why we set up the feature:

Feedback plays a crucial role in the application process - whether it's feedback on the speed of processing applications or the short conversation after a first job interview - only through feedback of applicants can companies rethink their application process and adapt. That is why we have linked kununu, Europe's largest employer rating platform, to our d.vinci applicant management system.

Use the collection of feedbacks for your positive appearance!

More on ratings in the application process in our webinar:



In order to use the feature, it must first be set up and activated: Get started with: Feedback with kununu

Want to display your kununu score on your careers page? 

You can find setup help in your company profile on kununu. If you have any questions about this, please contact kununu. Once the code for the score has been generated, we can also integrate the score into your job advertisements. Please feel free to contact us. We will check the possibility and, if necessary, send you an offer for it.


Behavior in the System

  • Results from feedback can be viewed in the graphical report Applicant Feedback and Applicant Feedback Text Responses.
    In addition, an evaluation via the Excel raw data report Applicant feedback and the OData Reporting API is possible.
  • Without a created job location or location of the company, the values of which were maintained in the advertisement, d.vinci cannot assign any feedback to your company profile over at kununu.
  • For more information, please check out our FAQ on the topic (link below)

This is how our customers use this 

Our customers use feedback with kununu to provide applicants with a realistic picture of the application process and gather ideas for further optimization. The data does not have to be transferred over to kununu, so that processes can first be optimized before feedback is sent to kununu and, in the end, the kununu score can even be integrated on the career page.