You wanted to set a job opening to the status archived but the field is grayed out and cannot be selected?

The reason for this is that there are still applications in the job opening that do not have a final status.

You are not sure if all application statuses in the job opening have the "Final Status" property?

Open the page Application Status

Check, in the list of application statuses, if all statuses you see in the call have a final status. It is best to open both views side by side or in a different tab.

Final statuses have the badge  Final status. If this is not the case, consider whether it makes sense to add the Final Status property to the status or whether the status of an application should be changed to another status if necessary. Do this accordingly.

You don't see any applications on the call that don't have a final status?

Most likely there are some, but you can't see them with the view permission of your role.

Open the page Application Status. 

Look at the list of application statuses and compare if they are all stored in the permissions of your role. It is best to open both views side by side or in a different tab.

If this is not the case, have a look at this page Why is a status change not possible? at: Check if the application status can be seen.