Explanation of terms

The job opening status shows the current state of the job openings. 


Read how to change the status of the job opening.


Behavior in the system

  • Possible statuses
    • Active (green): for jobs for which you wish to receive applications
    • Inactive (red): for jobs that are still being processed, but are not (no longer) advertised publicly
    • Archived (grey): for jobs that have been occupied or for which an occupation has been cancelled
  • The status of the job opening is also displayed in the job publication as a symbol behind Job Opening:.
  • Only in case of active job openings, job publications are also active. In the status inactive or archived, a job publication is no longer displayed externally.
  • A job opening can only be archived when all applications are on a final status. The deletion periods of the applications continue to run on the archived status. 
  • Archived job openings are hidden by default in the system for a better overview.
  • In the job opening overview, previously inactive job opening can be activated via the green icon or deactivated via the red icon.
  • In the job opening overview, there is a pre-filtering. Initially, only job openings with the status Activ, Inactive are displayed. In order to also display archived job openings, the filter would have to be removed.
  • In the job opening overview and the application search, it is possible to filter according to the status of the job opening.
  • By creating an Excel raw data report with the data job openings you can evaluate wich jobs you had in the system at time x in the different statuses.