Explanation of Term

The application import is part of the interface. It additionally gives you the possibility to decide whether and in which way applications from other tools or from the applicant profiles on job boards can be transferred to d.vinci.



Call the application portal page and öffind an existing application portal or create üvia + application portal a new one. Behind Application-import: you will find different design options for the interface.


Behavior in the system


  • The default setting is Application import: off.
    Applicants can in that case click Apply in a job posting and enter their data, but no data collected by external tools can be transferred to d.vinci 

  • These functions are available:

    • Off

      No application import is possible with this interface.

    • StepStone (Quick Apply)
      An unprotected interface is provided for this portal.
      Applicants who click on "Apply" on StepStone will be imported directly into your d.vinci. 

    • Secured

      A protected interface is provided for this portal, through which applications can be imported into d.vinci.
      This is required by most job boards that can transfer applications to d.vinci.

    • Secured, with Status Tracking
      A protected API is provided for this portal, through which applications can be imported into d.vinci. In addition, the status of the applicant is communicated.
      This is needed, for example, by employee referral programs, which should exclude an applicant when hiring a Bonus. 

  • When the application import is activated, the interface receives more info, such as the link to the Apply API.

How our customers use this

The default setting Off is used the most, because few customers receive applications from the applicant profiles at job boards and the like.