The application form is a questionnaire that candidates can use to submit their application data. The candidate form includes a Data tab, Preview page, the application form as well as a best practices page.

Permitted rights  

  • Create application portals

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the page Questionnaire
  2. Click  Questionnaire. An input form will be displayed.
  3. Fill out the input form.
    • Display name*
    • Organizational Unit*
    • Type*: Application Questionnaire
    • Selectable in Job Openings*.
      • Preselected*
        If you select this, the Application Questionnaire form will be automatically inserted when an job opening is created and must be removed before another applicant form can be used in the job opening.
  4. Click  Create to save the entries. The Questionnaire page will be displayed. 
  5. If you want to send an individual Confirmation Email for the questionnaire, click on the edit icon after Confirmation Email in the Data tab.

    HR service providers

    If the email address of a HR service provider has been saved in the form, the confirmation of receipt will always be sent to them - otherwise it will be sent to the applicant.

  6. Select a Correspondence Template and press Update.

Read here how to further customize an Application Questionnaire: Customize Application Questionnaire