There are several reasons to distinguish HR Service Provider referred applications (HRP applications) from regular applications.
For example:

  • Legal reasons: The HR Service Provider provides a consent form on behalf of the applicant.
  • The advertised position may be secret and therefore should not appear on regular Application Portals.
  • The Job Advertisement shall have different content than regular Job Advertisements.
  • The communication is not with the applicant directly, but with the HR Service Provider.

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d.vinci offers the following possibilities to process HRP applications:

  • HRP applications can be marked with the special indicatorHRP: HR Service Provider. This allows you to recognize HR Service Provider applications at a glance and to filter and search for them.
  • You can also specify an email address for the HR Service Provider in the application. Correspondence will then be sent to the HR Service Provider and not to the applicant, even if an applicant email address is stored.
  • A separate confirmation of receipt can be generated for an application via the HR Service Provider's Application Portal.

You can make these settings manually if you receive only a few HRP applications.

Alternatively, you can create an Application Portal for HR Service Providers if you receive many HRP applications.

Mark HRP applications manually.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Enter application. The application is displayed.
    • In the Special Indicators field, select HRP: HR Service Provider.
  2. In the Application card, click on the icon  . An input form is displayed.
  3. In the HR Service Provider Email field, enter a valid email address for the HR Service Provider. When sending correspondence, this address will be used as the recipient instead of the applicant's Email address, if one exists.

Have HRP applications automatically flagged via HRP Application Portal

If you receive frequent and many HRP applications, want to post secret jobs or use alternative posting texts, you can create an Application Portal for HR Service Providers only.

  • You can configure that only selected HR Service Providers have access to this portal.
  • You can prevent Job Advertisements in this portal from being found by search engines.
  • You can configure that applications via this portal automatically receive the HRP flag.
  • You can configure that the email address of the HR Service Provider must be provided when applying.
  • If you use the Candidate Experience module, you can offer your HR Service Providers to conveniently submit applications using CV parsing.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Create Job Publication Channel for HR Service Providers.
    • In the Default value field, select the On option if you want the channel to be always enabled in Job Opening Publications. Select the No option if you want to activate the Job Publication Channel manually when creating each new Job Publication.
  2. Create Application Questionnaire for HR Service Providers. 
    • On the Form tab, in the Application Questionnaire card, in the Email Address field, select Optional or Hidden if you don't need the applicant's Email address or if you only need it as an option.
    • At the same point, in the Email Address of HR Service Provider field, select Required.
    • On the Data tab, in the Confirmation Email card, click the   icon to create an individual confirmation of receipt.
  3. Create Application Portal for HR Service Providers.
    • In the Job Publication Channel field, select the one you created earlier.
    • In the Fixed Application Questionnaire field, select Yes.
    • In the Application Questionnaire field, select the one you created earlier.
    • In the Special Characteristics field, select HRP: HR Service Provider.
    • Optionally, in the IP Policy field, enter the IP addresses of all HR Service Providers who are to be granted access to this portal. Accesses with foreign IPs are prevented.
    • Optionally, in the Additional header field, enter the <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX,FOLLOW"> value. This tells search engines not to include this page in their index and list it in their search results.
  4. After creating the Application Portal from the Properties card, copy the URL and send it to your HR Service Providers.
  5. Open any Job Opening with a Job Publication to be displayed on the HR Service Provider Application Portal and activate the Job Publication Channel.


The HR Service Provider can access the Application Portal using the URL sent to them and will only see Job Advertisements posted through the specified Job Publication Channel. There they can open a suitable Job Advertisement and submit applications via the Apply button.

Select message recipient

When working with staffing agencies, you can choose who should receive your message: the applicant, the staffing agency, or applicant and staffing agency (Cc).


If you have multiple applications for a status change, your messages will automatically be sent to the recruiters if they are present in the applications - otherwise to the applicants.

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Make a status change.
  2. Choose the correspondence template you want to send in the process.
  3. When you receive Applicant, Personnel Service Manager or Applicant and Personnel Service Provider (Cc)
  4.  Continue with the status change.