Applicant Feedback is the name of a function of the Candidate Experience module for measuring applicant satisfaction. To do this, you ask your applicants to provide feedback on the application process after they have successfully submitted their application via a job advertisement. Applicants can answer selected feedback questions. 

You can evaluate Applicant Feedback to get an idea of how your applicants perceive the application process. You can use the results to improve your application process and thus the Candidate Experience. Applicant Feedback can be evaluated in the Reports Applicant Feedback and Applicant Feedback: Text Responses

Data on Applicant Feedback can be evaluated via the oData Reporting API.

d.vinci provides standard feedback questions as Form Fields, which are preselected while creating Applicant Questionnaires. Your own feedback questions you can create as Form Fields and store them in Applicant Questionnaires.

  • System Form Fields (cannot be edited or deleted)
    • Time Spent on Application Questionnaire (5-Star-Rating)
    • Clarity of Application Questionnaire (5-Star-Rating)
    • Job Advertisement (5-Star-Rating)
    • Career Section of Our Website (5-Star-Rating)
  • Form fields (can be edited or deleted)
    • Improvement Suggestions  (Text (max. 4000 characters))