Form fields are additional information fields which you can use individually in your d.vinci.
In addition to the form fields predefined and configurable by the system, you have the option of creating your own form fields for job opening, hiring request and applicant feedback.

Form field types: 

  • Text (max. 255 characters)
  • Text (4-120 characters )
  • Text (max. 4000 characters )
  • Text (max. 1200 characters )


You can choose from four text options with concrete character limits. This specifies the maximum number of characters the field to be filled may contain. If the character limit is exceeded or not reached during filling, a messag

  • 5-Star-Rating
  • Yes/No
  • Yes/No/No Answer
  • Value List (Single Choice)
  • Value List (Multiple Choice)

Individually for each form field, you can create placeholders that you can use in correspondence and job advertisement templates. In this way you can make the information from your form fields visible to applicants.

If a field with a character limit is filled with less or more than the allowed number of characters, the field turns red. This way, the person filling in the field can more quickly see that the field is not filled in correctly.


You can store a help text in the form field for better understanding, e.g. "This field cannot contain less than xyz or more than xyz characters."

When creating a form field, you can decide whether the form field should appear in reports or not. 

When creating or editing form fields, you can specify whether the field should be transferred via the application portal interface. This means that downstream systems can also access the content, for example. To do this, simply select Hiring requests and job openings (with data transfer) as the element. 

Read how you can create form fields.