Explanation of terms

The desired location is a field that we have designed for use in unsolicited job openings. By selecting a desired location in the application form, applicants can indicate for which location or locations their application should be considered. 


  • The question about the desired location can be displayed to applicants in the application form. In the application form, this field can be shown or hidden, as well as set as a mandatory field.
  • In the job opening, the field Desired location can be displayed via the field schema configuration. After that, desired locations can be selected when creating or editing the job opening. 
  • The desired locations from the master data are available for selection, which are on the same organizational level or above.

Behavior in the system

  • In the application form, applicants will only see the desired work locations that were selected in the advertisement.
  • If you do not select a desired location in the advertisement, applicants can select from all job locations that have been created in your system.
  • In the applicant overview, the field schema configuration can be adjusted so that the map with the applications also shows the desired location. In the application, this information can be found in the Application card.

How our customers use this

Many customers use this, as originally intended, to allow applicants to further narrow down which city they would like to apply in for speculative postings.

However, some customers also have collective positions, for example for trainees, where several locations are named in the advertisement. Here, too, it makes sense to enter the desired locations and thus give applicants the opportunity to limit their application to locations that are relevant to them.