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Explanation of terms

Locations have very different functions in the system. Depending on whether they are operation locations, desired operation locations or appointment locations. 


Locations are maintained in the master data. When you create a location, you decide whether it is a Job Location, a Desired Job Location and/or an Appointment Location. 

Any number of locations can be created in the master data.

The value behind the field is only Name used for the internal display within your d.vinci. You can define the external display via the field External Name. By this dichotomy several branches/locations in one city can be distinguished unambiguously. If you do not maintain an External Name, the value from the Name field will be used for the external display. 

Job boards and the like receive this value for the display as soon as an external name is maintained. Without an external name, the value from the Name field is used.

You will find the following locations in your d.vinci when the system is delivered: 

  • Hamburg

Job Location

Places of operation are the locations that you can select as location in the call for bids. They are therefore the locations where the activity is performed for which you are looking for new personnel.

Behavior in the system

Desired Job Location

In the application form, the field Desired Job Location can be displayed. This is especially useful for the applicant in case of Unsolicited Job Openings or Job Openings with several locations.

Read more about the benefits of the Desired location here: Desired Job Location

Behavior in the system

Appointment Location

Appointment locations are displayed as a selection when appointments are made. 

Behavior in the system 

  • The appointment location can be used as a placeholder (New Appointment - Location or Old Appointment - Location) in job ad templates and correspondence templates. In this case, only the location is entered.
  • You can use the placeholder New Appointment - Address (complete) or Old Appointment - Address (complete) to insert the address information.
  • This allows you to invite the applicant to an interview at a specific address without having to type this information.
  • An evaluation is possible via the Excel raw data report with the data Number of appointments.

This is how our customers use this

Places of operation

Places of operation are the places where the activity is carried out. The address data is important for Google for Jobs, for example, so street, postal code and city are also maintained here. Job locations are often also appointment locations.

Desired job locations

Maintained only by customers who have posted speculative postings and want to give applicants a way to indicate their local preference. 

Appointment Location

Appointment locations are created in order to be able to select locations when making appointments and to provide an applicant with different or more precise address information. Often appointment locations are also assignment locations. 

Name and External Name

Since the name is not visible to the outside, internal designations for a location, combinations with address data or similar are entered here. In the field for the external name, the designation is selected as applicants should read it in correspondence or in the job posting.