Your d.vinci has its own system URL or domain. This can be changed, for example because a change of name or the addition of other companies to your system make this necessary.

You have two domain change options to choose from

  • Another d.vinci domain 
    Your company is called example company.
    Current system URL:
    You need the URL:
  • Your own domain  
    Your company is called example company.
    Current system URL:
    You need the URL:

Our service

The domain change is a service we provide for a fee.

If you are interested, simply write us an email with the following information: 

  • Contact person from your IT department who can manage and set up the domains
  • What should your new system URL be?
  • When should the domain changeover take place?
    We can carry out the changeover in sync with our releases. So every 14 days on Thursday.

We will be happy to send you an offer for the conversion and will initiate the conversion after signing the offer.

Checklist - This is what you have to consider after the conversion

A changed URL affects various functions in your d.vinci system and in connected systems.

Please check the following points: 

  • Default email sender
    The default email sender will change and must be manually adjusted in your system.
  • Domain in mailboxes
    The domain of all mailboxes  created in d.vinci changes. If these are stored in your printer/scanner, for example, or in the address list in Outlook, for example, the mail addresses must be exchanged there.
    Please inform all colleagues who may be affected by this.
  • Links to unsolicited job opening
    If unsolicited advertisements are placed on the homepage, these are static links that are generated in the system. These must also be replaced on the homepage, for example. See here: unsolicited advertisements in the section Publication of the unsolicited advertisement. 
  • Interfaces to job boards
    The domain of all interfaces in d.vinci is changing. In addition to the homepage, there are also interfaces to job boards. The job exchanges must be informed about the new feed (URL of the interface). All URLs that are relevant for the job boards can be found on the application portals page.
  • If you use a content management system
    The URL of the system changes. If you display the job list or job advertisements via a CMS , the provider of the homepage must be informed of the new URL. You can find this in the application portal  in the interface (JSON or XML).
  • Use of the job list
    d.vinci offers the option of placing job advertisements on a page (homepage or intranet) using the job list . If this is in use, regenerate the code and insert it with the new system address on your website.
  • Single sign-on
    If you are using Single Sign-on, the service provider metadata will change, so it will need to be updated and the integration may need to be discussed. Your IT department is usually the point of contact for this.
  • Connected BI tools
    Are you using a BI tool such as Power BI? Then you also need to store the new domain there so that the data can be retrieved.
  • Test provider
    If you have included a test provider in your application process, they must also be informed of the new URL so that the test results can be transferred smoothly.
  • Apply with: Dropbox upload
    If you have activated the Candidate Experience module and allow candidates to apply via Dropbox upload, we must also enter our own URL. If an error occurs with the Dropbox upload, please let us know.

This changes automatically

  • Email communication with applicants
    In d.vinci, each application has its own email address, which is used to send emails to the respective applicant. If the applicant replies, the system assigns this message to the respective applicant. The changeover also means that application messages that are still sent to the old domain end up in the correct applicant in the system. Old applicants must therefore be given a new e-mail address. This is done automatically by our system. You do not have a to-do here.