Candidates who have not found a suitable Job Opening among your current Job Advertisements, but would still like to apply to you, can apply for Unsolicited Job Opening. 

When creating a Job Opening, you can use the Type field to decide whether the Job Opening should be a normal posting with publication or an Unsolicited Job Opening. 

When you select Unsolicited Job Opening, the Details and Additional information sections are hidden. No job publication can be generated.

Instead of a job publication, you will see an applicant form per job publication channel on the right, corresponding to the organizational unit of your Job Opening. 

The link can be copied and linked in a suitable place, e. g. you can enter a text in the footer field in the application portal homepage. Example: "Nothing suitable? Then send us an unsolicited application." The link to the application form can be linked behind the word "unsolicited". Or you could include a sentence on your website linking to the applicant form.

Incoming applications may be moved from an Unsolicited Job Opening to other Job Openings.