You can integrate the job advertisements from your d.vinci applicant tracking system into your website in three different ways. You have to decide for one method. The methods differ mainly in the effort for you and the time when an applicant comes into contact with the system URL

 Service  ReDesign Job advertisement layout and job list

You want to change the design of your job ads? Job ad, job list, application form and/or thank you page need a revision? 

A) Job list with filter

This is a JavaScript widget that is integrated into your own career site. The job list is automatically transferred from the d.vinci applicant tracking system and displayed in a modern, dynamic layout that follows the design provided by you. Additionally, the job list can be limited by different filter functions. 

The standard version of the free JavaScript widget contains three filters (category, job location and target group). If you wish for additional functional adjustments (e.g. further filters, change of designations, map, or a special display), these are part of our paid additional services.


The system URL is displayed to the candidate in the method as soon as he clicks on the job opening.

Get some inspiration for our free version here.

Examples of an individual / paid* variant:

(list with icons)

(tile with images) 

B) Your own application portal in a new browser window

With this variant, you integrate a link to the application portal of d.vinci into your career page. By clicking the link, a new browser window opens and the application portal of d.vinci is loaded. The application portal can largely be adapted to the layout of your homepage. It basically consists of a "start page", where all vacant publications are listed, a "job advertisement", which shows the details of the job publication to the interested candidate, an "application form", with the help of which the candidate can apply for a vacancy or send an unsolicited application, and finally, an "applicant form confirmation page", which is displayed to the candidate after the application has been submitted.


The system URL becomes visible to the candidates in this method as soon as they click on the link to the applicant portal.

Examples of the job list in the portal: 

(tile job list) 

(tile job list with images) 

C) Interface to your Content Management System (CMS)

In this variant, the d.vinci applicant tracking system provides the data of the published advertisements via a standardized API. Via this interface your content management system can retrieve the provided data. With this variant, you receive the greatest possible flexibility concerning the presentation, the search, the filtering etc. of your vacancies.

The entire design of the data must be done by you. This also applies to the user guidance of the applicant. Only when the interested party clicks the "Apply" button, they will be forwarded to the applicant form of the d.vinci applicant tracking system. The job description can be taken from your CMS or from our applicant tracking system. Usually, programming or configuration on your side is necessary. The effort is not to be underestimated. Documentation of the interface can be obtained from the Service Center or, alternatively, we can send it to you.


The system URL is displayed to the candidate when he/she calls up the application form or the intro page for application entry.

Examples of an interface implementation with customer-specific display: