Your d.vinci has its own system URL. This can be changed, for example, because a change of name or addition of other companies in your system make this necessary.

There are two methods to choose from:

For both methods, the price includes not only the technical conversion of the domain, but rather also the support and advice we provide.

We accompany and support you in the case of the conversion in the following aspects:

  • Email communication with applicants
    In d.vinci, each application has its own email address, which is used to send mails to the respective applicant. If the applicant answers, the system assigns this message to the respective applicant. The changeover also means that application messages that are still sent to the old domain end up in the correct applicant in the system. "Old" applicants müssen therefore get a new mail address.
  • Interface to the homepage.
    The URL of the interface changes and must be discussed with the provider of the homepage, so that the integration is still ensured.
  • Integration via Widget
    d.vinci offers the possibility to place job ads on a page (homepage or intranet) by means of a Java Script Widget. If this is in use, the URL in the code of the widget must be adapted. Usually this is done by the maintainer of your website.
  • Domain in mail boxes
    The domain of all mail boxes created in d.vinci will change. If these are e.g. deposited in your printer/scanner or in the address list with e.g. Outlook, the mail addresses must be exchanged there.
    Please inform all colleagues that this may affect.
  • Links to Initiative announcements
    If unsolicited job openings are placed on the homepage, they are static links generated in the system. These have to be eychanged at the homepage.
    Mostly this can be done by the maintainer of your website.
  • Interfaces to job boards
    The domain of all interfaces in d.vinci changes. Beside the one to the homepage there may be a few to job boards. The job boards must be informed about the new feed (URL of the interface). You can find all interfaces to job boards on the page application portals.
  • Single Sign-on
    If you have Single Sign-on in use, the service provider metadata will change, so it will need to be updated and the inclusion discussed if necessary.
  • Advertise with: Dropbox upload
    If you have enabled the Candidate Experience Module and allow candidates to apply via Dropbox upload, we will need to enter our own URL as well. If an error appears with the Dropbox upload, please let us know.

Another d.vinci domain 


Your company is called Examplecompany.
Current URL:
You want the URL


If you are interested just contact us. We will be happy to send you a quote for the implementation and will initiate the conversion once the quote has been signed. 

An Own Domain


Your company is called Examplecompany.

Current URL:
Your want the URL


If you are interested just contact us and name us a colleague in your IT who can manage and set up the domains. We will gladly send you a quote for the implementation and will initiate the conversion after signing the quote. 

You are not yet a customer? Write us an email to or call us at +49 (0) 40 37 47 99 988.