An appointment booking by applicant may fail due to various factors.

A failure will activate an automated status change. The application status then changes to Appointment booking failed. In addition, a reason for the failure is entered in the History tab of the application concerned.

You can read more on how to configure the related application statuses and status changes in the article Get started with: Calendar Integration Plus.

Reasons for appointment booking failure

Appointment proposals have been rejected by applicant

The applicant klicked the option I am not available on these days when attempting to book an appointment. The applicant was then prompted by a message to suggest his/her/their own dates by replying to the original email.


As soon as you have received a response from the applicant, you can change the application status manually and invite the applicant to an appointment in the standard manner.

The applicant has not booked any appointment within the time period

The applicant has not responded to the appointment booking within the time period that you specified previously. After the time period expires, the link to the appointment booking page will be automatically disabled.


You can send a new invitation with an appointment booking by applicant. In such a case, it is often advised to contact the applicant by other means.

The calendar of a participant has been disconnected

One of the appointment participants has disconnected his/her/their calendar from d.vinci or the connection has been lost due to a technical error.


You can edit the appointment booking by clicking the icon in the Activities tab of the application. Here you can see an error message about participants without connected calendars.

You can read more on how to connect their calendars here.

No mutual free time slot was found among participants

You send an email with a booking link, but there are no appointment slots for all participants and the application status changes to Appointment booking failed immediately after the appointment is created.


Before the applicant can book an appointment, all slots in the appointment have been filled.


In this case, we recommend rescheduling the appointment by clicking the icon in the Activities tab of the application or asking the participants to adjust their availability.

There was no vacant room found within the time period

Before the applicant selected an appointment from the list, another user booked the desired room. After the appointment has been selected by the applicant, the whole appointment booking failed.


By clicking the icon in the Activities tab in the application, you can edit the appointment booking. Here you can select a different available room from the list and update the appointment booking. Nothing changes for the applicant.