You want to store new/different texts for another department, another company in your d.vinci or for a certain tender type?

You have the possibility to store texts centrally in two places in d.vinci. 

A) Job advertisement template

In the job advertisement template you specify with which fixed texts a job ad should appear. 

Changeable contents, such as texts from the job publication, can be inserted via placeholders.

You already have a job ad template that fits except for a few small changes?

Simply copy the existing template, change the name and adjust the minor details. 

Copy job ad template

  1. Open the page job advertisement templates.
  2. Click on the title of the job advertisement template that already matches as much as possible. 
  3. Press the Copy button. The job advertisement template will be copied. 
  4. Change the title, which is now XYZ (copy) and any other content that is not quite right.

After that, remember the following: 

Deposit the job ad template permanently or as a default in the review portal where it will be used.  Alternatively, select the template in a publication. 

B) Job publication template

Job publication templates are a type of sample publications. These samples can contain complete publications, as well as single, recurring parts.

For example, you can fill the entire text of the trainee position mechatronics engineer (panorama picture, benefits, introduction, tasks, requirements, We offer, closing text) or for the accountant you can fill only the section "We offer".

New/different texts can be maintained in the publication templates and then selected when creating the publication: Select publication template