Explanation of the term

A reminder is used to remind you of something at a specific time in the future. Since the feature only serves as a reminder for you, reminders should not be confused with recurring tasks that are tied to a status.



Reminders can be created in the application of a candidate, or in a job opening. In the application, you will find the   Reminder button - if this is not the case, you need to click the   icon first in order to see the  Reminder option.

Here you can specify the date and add the description of what you wish to be reminded about.

In this related article, you can read about how to find and resolve reminders.

Behavior in system

  • Reminders can be seen by all users who have access to the application or job opening, for which the reminder was created.
  • Creating and resolving these tasks is only possible with the permission Reminders (of Applications) | create/ resolve.
  • Deleting an application will delete the related reminder(s), too.
  • Reminders are not for a single, specific user, and everyone with access to applications and job openings will see the reminder in their message inbox, where they can also resolve or delete it.
  • The created reminder can be viewed anytime in the details of an applications, in the Tasks tab. Here, the reminder can also be marked as resolved before it is due.
  • After due date, a reminder can also be viewed and edited in the Tasks tab.
  • The creation of reminders can also be viewed in the History of an applicant. The history entry shows for what date, with which description, and by whom the reminder was created.
  • The resolving of reminders can also be viewed in the History of an applicant. In the history entry, the original description is displayed, along with a comment and the name of the user, who has resolved the reminder.

This is how our customers use it

Many customers use reminders to have themselves (or other users with appropriate access) reminded about something related to an application or job opening at a specific time in the future. For example, if a customer has an application set to the "documents requested" status, they can create a reminder for the application and in two weeks be automatically reminded to check whether the applicant has submitted the requested documents.

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