If you open the page application portals, you will see the following.

The following functions are available on this page: 

In the rows of this view you can see the following:

  • Name of application portal
  • URL Path
    This is the ending of your system URL. This can be seen in the browser address bar depending on the embedding method
  • Organizational Unit
  • Job Publication Channel
  • Languages
    Language badge (de, en, etc.) indicates in which languages a publication can be displayed. Provided a corresponding publication has been created. 
  • Functions
  • Icon  
    Click on it to be able to edit the settings.
  • Icon  
    Press to delete the application portal.
  • Icon  
    Click on it to go to the external view of the application portal. This will display a list of all the publications placed there.

You can access the application portal by pressing the line or clicking the icon   

You can change the alphabetical sort order of the users by clicking on the words Name, URL path, Organizational unit or Job Publication Channel highlighted in blue.

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