You can transfer job ads by click to StepStone 

Service - Full-Service Ad Placement

We recommend you to place job ads by our mediateam. It will support you with the ad placement. From texting, about spelling and AGG check to the job board recommandation or contingent placement.

Without consulting, a placement of job ads is possible via multiposting or with your own frame contracts also via interface to StepStone. It is also possible to use StepStone's Quick-Apply.

There are a few things to keep in mind when displaying your job postings via interface with StepStone.


Read here what is nötig to connect a jobbörse with d.vinci (own contingent)

  • The organizational unit of the application portal StepStone must be above or on the same level as the organizational unit of the advertisement. Otherwise, a representation on StepStone can not be made.
  • StepStone needs your job posting to be in liquid design.

  • StepStone stores your logo in your company profile on StepStone. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this content. If the logo no longer fits, please contact StepStone.

  • You should inform StepStone about how you want the retrieval of jobs from d.vinci.


  • The following Placeholders in the area Position/Details (Liquid Design) can be read by StepStone:





      Other placeholders cannot be adopted in this area.

  • No subtitles are taken which have been maintained in the subtitle field in d.vinci.
    These would only be transferred if they are part of the introduction in the Liquid Design of the job ad template as a placeholder Publication - Subtitle ({JOB_PUBLICATION:SUBTITLE}) for example.

  • Some job postings may need to include info on when the candidate can start. This can be maintained under earliest entry date (may need to be populated by the field schema configuration) This will then appear in the interface to the job board as earliestEntryDate and can be utilized accordingly.

  • The Benefit icons cannot be displayed on StepStone. So only the placeholder Publication - Benefits (List) ({JOB_PUBLICATION:BENEFITS_LIST}) should be used in the Liquid Design for StepStone to ensure a correct display. 

  • The first panoramic image is always taken as the image. 

Appearance of the job ad 

  • If you switch the publication channel for StepStone to ON, the advertisement is delayed.
    1-3 days it can sometimes take until StepStone represents the job advertisement.
  • Changes to the jop publication will get active at StepStone after a little while.
    How often Changes are read out depends on what you have discussed with StepStone. 
  • A new job publication must be created depending on what you have discussed with StepStone regarding the recall of the job ads, by creating a new publication.


  • StepStone can provide an Excel spreadsheet for reporting purposes about your postings on StepStone. Here it is also possible to see for example the reference number from d.vinci. If this is not displayed correctly, talk to StepStone that they should please read the value Reference from the interface.